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ROSS CUSTOM ARMS specializes in stainless steel custom revolvers, Magnum Research BFR and the  Ruger Redhawk, are the sixguns I specialize in.. 41  Magnum, 44 Magnum  and 45 Colt will be  the standard offerings. I can correct throat size on factory chambered cylinders(increase diameter) Or cylinders are rechambered to a larger caliber with a tight spec chamber and correct size cylinder throat.  Single actions will receive custom stainless straight taper barrels with a pin in front sight. base.. Barrels are machined in house by me, the old school way. Redhawks will feature Colt Anaconda barrels on customer supplied barrel.. Or my own barrel design.... pictures of such will be coming soon. Each action is totally reworked and properly timed with uprgraded springs, and tight tolerance internal action parts. Endshake, timing, cylinder lock up and  barrel cylinder gap are set to the absolute minimum to allow repeatable function.  Material for the stocks will be walnut, or a customer supplied blank of a different material

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